Industrial Hygiene

Our services are geared towards preventing workplace or job site exposure to chemical, biological and physical hazards. AMI develops cost-effective solutions and strategies for reducing and eliminating environmental hazards and ensuring your organization is OSHA-compliant.

All types of businesses need industrial hygiene consulting services. AMI Environmental assists industrial, commercial, and governmental clients in solving workplace challenges. Our industrial hygienists offer the following services:


Environmental Monitoring (Abatement/Remediation)
Contractor Performance and Compliance Monitoring
Engineering Controls Performance Monitoring
Quality Control and Safety Inspections


Asbestos and Lead-Based Paint Abatement
Mold Remediation
Hazardous Materials Removal and Disposal
Interior Demolition


Infection Control Risk in Healthcare Construction, Renovation & Design
Occupational Exposure
Air Sampling
Infection Control
Vapor Intrusion
Respirable Dust
Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA)

Infection Control

AMI Environmental understands the importance of using proper containment measures and infection control in construction protocols to protect patients and minimize the risk of hospital-acquired infections. Even when specific infection control protocols are not requested, we make a point to consider our work plans from an infection control standpoint to maximize occupant safety.

We work with healthcare owners, architects, contractors, and construction managers during pre-construction, project execution, commissioning, and maintenance activities to develop and implement infection prevention protocols that protect patients, minimize disruption and fit into the project budget and schedule. We then develop a comprehensive approach to minimize patient, facility, and worker risk throughout the execution of renovation, addition, and maintenance projects.

Infection Control Services

Infection Control Risk Assessments (ICRAs)
Infection Control Protocol Development
ICRA Responsibility Assignments
Construction Drawing Reviews
Subcontractor-Specific ICRA Responsibilities
Worker Training
Dust Mitigation Strategies