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AMI Environmental (AMI) is an environmental health and safety services firm that specializes in resolving healthcare facility-related environmental problems. We are a national small business company founded in 1986 and headquartered in Omaha, NE. From asbestos, lead, and mold to infection control and indoor air quality issues, AMI offers the full spectrum of services needed to identify, assess and resolve nearly every environmental problem encountered during facility renovation, demolition, system upgrades, and daily operations.

AMI has been the single-source provider or key design-build team member on a wide range of renovation, demolition, and construction projects in the government/defense, healthcare, industrial, commercial, and education fields across the country and around the world. Our reputation as a “go-to” company comes from our performance in sensitive environments and projects where disruptions are costly and potentially dangerous. We are known for our quick response to emergency projects, comprehensive site knowledge, and having developed many industry best practices used for asbestos investigations and abatement today.

We are also known for our uncompromising customer service and our willingness to study and respond to the issues that are unique to specific customers and industries. Since AHERA was first enacted in 1986, AMI Environmental has been conducting the required inspections to safeguard occupants. Our professionals routinely perform asbestos and lead-based paint inspections, design hazardous material abatement plans and sample indoor air quality (IAQ) to determine ambient airborne concentrations of standard IAQ pollutants in a range of facilities.

Our Mission

AMI’s mission is to make environmental problems go away. That might sound a little simplistic, but it is exactly what we do – professionally, effectively, and with absolute dedication.

Our Approach

Environmental problems can be unfortunate, and we take this burden on our clients very seriously. For AMI, finding the best solutions begins with listening and responding to what we hear. Once we understand your problems, needs, and circumstances, we can formulate options and develop a plan of action with clear decision points along the way. Armed with accurate information and advice from experienced professionals, you will have everything you need to make decisions confidently and maintain control of the entire process.

Our Core Capabilities

AMI’s core capabilities include all of the expertise and services needed to fully identify and resolve problems associated with indoor air quality, infection control in construction, environmental health, and safety, asbestos, lead-based paint, mold/fungi, hazardous materials, PCBs, Mercury, microbials, Ozone-Depleting Substances, Underground Storage Tanks and other miscellaneous hazardous materials encountered during construction, renovation and demolition projects.

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